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Essence 6

Crystal - Lapis Lazuli


This is for the ‘Third Eye’ Chakra

Lapis Lazuli  - sacred stone of the Egyptians, it is the stone for total awareness

Lapis Lazuli – sacred stone of the Egyptians.

Enhances psychic abilities by awakening the “third eye”.

It is a powerful stone and should be use with care .

Lapis Lazuli is used to develop higher insight and inner power.

Lapis is the universal stone of truth and friendship. It helps to enhance psychic abilities and communication with the higher self and spirit guides. It also cleanses the mind, body and spirit of toxins and negativity.

Lapis is a stone of total awareness and is associated with a sense of wonder and mystery, manifestation and tranquility. Physical symptoms may include blurred vision, headaches, eyestrain and even blindness.


Meditation to use  for the ‘Third Eye ‘ Chakra

Imagine an energy centre at the top of your head. Visualise a ball of Indigo light. Draw down this indigo ball filled with Love and Light through this opening down to the 6th energy centre. Imagine it cleansing, purifying and getting brighter. Feel the power of your Higher Self.   

Indigo is the sixth colour. Indigo is for seeing clearly, visualization and creativity.




Say this every day as you take your  Lapis Lazuli Essence:


‘I breathe in universal love’


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